How many plants in this space?

Ok 1st I want to apologise for dropping in on this thread just was 1 I’ve been following and I am getting things set up for a 2grow very soon my 1 grow is not to far away (I think lol) but anyway oh wait please let me invite @Hellraiser @Covertgrower @CoyoteCody @LoCoRock @Mark0427 @kaptain3d @kdawg @T-Dubwilley and anyone else who might want to weigh in on advice or suggestions or feed back.ect but I never did a journal not sure how but want to. I am going to use a Mars hydro 1000 in a 4x2x5 4 in exhaust fan vivo I think also have gixer 1000 and a 600 blurpl using fox ocean floor soil plan on getting some perlite to mix in. Have :fox_face: big bloom, tiger bloom and fox grow big. How many plants would work out for this set up I have 1 strain in auto and 4 photos strain’s. Now I also have no idea how to start my own journal so again I am sorry for dropping in on your thread happy growing peps and thank you for your time


I would recommend 2 just from what you have for lighting.What model is your blurple?


I also have a 1000 ballest for hps with a 600 bulb but now I need to know what these little buggers be just found them on my GDP that’s only few weeks away from harvest

oh yeah the ballest is a dimmer and blurpl is a veroskey or something like that

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Looks like spider mites. Couple of weeks from harvest, I would do a peroxide bath but not try to apply anything to control their numbers. Likely it wouldn’t do much anyways.


Ok yeah they look like either a spider or a hermit crab :crab: and they on week 6 and super frosty I pulled fan leave off that looked just like that 1 looks like trichs but grew different that rest of trichs as far as location and I’ve planned on a bus wash at harvest did on last plant anything else I should know about or do here is her as of yesterday


Please help

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I left a question on another post and was wondering if it was possible to move it to my own journal now that I’ve figured out how to start my own journal if there is anyone in charge or knows how to make this happen I would so appreciate it and thank you so much for your help if not then that’s okay just have to retype it just wanted to have all my info to my question available in 1 place and not intruding on someone else’s post thank you

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Just start entering information here. You’ve successfully started a journal. As far as moving entry from another journal, it can be done by a mod. But if it’s something not that important I wouldn’t worry about it. Now that you started journal you can tag people and invite them to follow. If possible start putting pictures up. You may want to list what strains you are growing, the equipment being used and grow medium. This is how you tag people just type @ and their name with no spaces between @ and name. That person will receive a notification. Like this @thelria


Ok so I started this and got a reply from covert now I’m lost do I have 2 journal or not his was I thought him moving my post that I ask if could be done both are to me a new journal

Give me a minute I’ll check if you have another journal.

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Thank you

Yes you have another journal. Here’s a link to it. I’ll tag @Covertgrower he may be able to delete one or possibly merge them.


Ok cool yeah I been talking with him on that one so if not I’ll just use that 1 has info on it and all my tags I don’t think I tagged you but your more than welcome depends on which stains I going to do I have pure Indica GDP bubba kush photos oh and super skunk then Jack hererr auto

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Since you already have one I would just keep posting there.

I’ll set to watch on the other. :+1:


Ok so I am trying to get all set up for next grow as I’ve said or asked B4 I’m I think I might want to use my 2x4 to veg in with Mars hydro 1000 dimmable and the gixer 1000 then I think I will use my 5x3 closet to flower in run 2 in veg my next question is I’m on the fence either auto or photo kinda waiting for this run to finish so I can determine which strain I like more any suggestions for me

Forgot to mention that flower closet will be under hps have a 1000 dimmable ballist but at moment only a 600 watt bulb should I get the 1000 watt bulb for there

Generally speaking you can get to harvest quicker with autos. Personally I like to rum feminized photos, they allow control over how long you want to veg. As a beginner I also believe that by growing photos, if you have some issues develop in veg it will allow you to get things straightened out before going to flower. I’m not downing autos, just like photos better.

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Also wanted to finish answering your question about slurry test. If you start to have deficiencies and you can’t figure out what’s causing them, doing a slurry test can give you a more accurate reading of Ph levels in soil. Ph levels are a important part of having a successful grow. If your Ph in soil is to high or low your nutrient up take will be locked out. A test is not necessary unless you think you may have lock out. To do one you need to get a couple tablespoons of soil as deep and close to root ball as possible, without damaging roots. Take soil and put in clean container. Then add distilled water until you have a slurry, mix it up and allow to sit for 12 hrs. Strain out soil from water and test ph level in water. This will give you a more accurate reading of ph level in soil.

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Ok cool and as far as auto vs photo I’m growing 2 Auto atm same strain everything other than soil mix and different out come so far I my self so far prefer photos but had to check them out ya know how that goes lol thanks for that info on slurry hopefully my mosquito bites come in today and my fan next week just about all collected