How many plants in this room

A question from a fellow grower:

I want to start growing in a closet in my home. I am just not aware of how many plants there can be grown in a single grow.

The measurements of the room are as follows:
Height - 167cm ( to where the lights are placed)
Width - 82cm (left hand wall to right hand wall)
Depth - 59cm (from the door to the back wall)

Could anyone please advise me to how many plants I can grow from seed to harvest in the closet space

The more plants , the harder it is on the grow . But you can grow one plant up to about 6-8 in that size if I had to guess . You want to keep in mind , when the plants stretch in flower , they need good air moving throughout the plant , and strong light penetration threw the plant canopy to ensure buds on the very bottom stems are getting light as well . But you don’t have to grow 10-20 plants to get decent wieght . I’ve seen one plant produce over a pound and a half . So don’t be convince that you need more plants to get quantity . More plants is more of a headache if you ask me , because no 2 plants will ever grow the same exact way . You can feed 2 plants the same ph measured water and nutrients of the same gene tics and one will not respond like the other one , and that can make things ah little challenging and confusing . If you wanting wieght , learn how to develop plant training methods to enhance that one plant to put out double or triple verses multiple plants . Check out Hillcrest grow , he is running a screen scrog with 3 plants , and harvested over 4 pounds I think .

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Thanks for the advise Yoshi. I am thinking of doing two plants and then putting them into a scrog.
Waiting my seeds and then I will start early January. Just need to sort out my odor setup.

I think I read where putting your scrubber on the very end of your inline fan is actually the better way of doing it , cause of CFM ( cubic feet per minute) . Sucking air through the carbon filter can associate with heat in some way , if you don’t have the right model inline exhaust fan , because of rating and the operating of the inline fan ability of pulling air through the carbon scrubber at a rated measurement . I have my scrubber inside my tent , connected to with vent tubing running out the top to the fan that sits on top of tent , and I have a 6 inch duct fan blowing fresh air inside the tent from the bottom . Lately , since I’ve added 400 more watts of Led lighting , my temps have been around 84 degrees max . I thought setting it up that way , would help the hot air to be removed from the top since hot air is lighter than cooler air and rises to be extracted from the top of the tent . But I’m going to make a few changes after my blueberry finish . I think I’m going to put scrubber on the end of the CFM inline fan where air blows out threw it , and just put ventilation tubing in the bottom vent hole , and put 6 inch duct fan tubing through the top . This way I’m thinking the cooler air will push the hot air downward , and also help cool off lights at the same time , and the inline fan I have is rated 190 CFM I believe with controllable switch , which is strong enough to suck all four walls on my tent inward like a vacuum seal , but with the 6 inch duct fan it helps keep it blowed up kind of to where I have good air moving , but like I said earlier , I’m thinking of changing the way I have set up now , to what I just stated . Attached scrubber on air out side of CFM inline fan directly , than run tubing in bottom vent hole in tent with some kind of modification to suck air from the bottom , and put 6 inch duct fan on the top in that vented hole , which might help keep my temps at 72-78 degrees .

I’ll change the way it’s set up now in the photo to what I stated in comment .

generally a plant need 2.5 feet for proper growth - but using Sea of green and SCROG growing method you could fit 2-4 plants (2 best) Good looking tent !

Very small and easy maintence , but you can only do 2 plants at the most in a small tent this size .