How many plants in my new grow room

I have a 13ft x 8ft x 8ft grow room. I was wondering if someone could help me on how many plants I can grow in this size room.

Depends a lot on the lighting. What lights are you going to use???

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The guideline I use (for photoperiod plants) is 9 (3’x3’) square feet per plant (+ leave yourself some room to tend to the plants too.) You can grow a lot of plants, but @Audiofreak has a good point. Lighting will probably be a limiting factor. It would cost a small fortune to properly light a room that big.


That was going to be my next question lol. I want to use led but not sure which ones.

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First off welcome to the neighborhood… Lighting is probably the number one thing that will determine your quantity and quality 4sure. But for actual space it will depend on the style and whether you are growing autos or photos.


In that large of a space I think you would benefit by building your own lights. I don’t know much about building them but I’m sure it would save you $

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Don’t buy burples. You’ll regret it. Go with something that has high quality, high efficacy diodes like the Samsung LM301 series. DIY with Bridgelux or buy HLG, Fluence, etc…

There are some less expensive, but decent, lights available for a little less money that I’m sure someone can comment on. A reasonable guideline is ~50 true watts per square foot of plant canopy from lights with the proper spectrum.

I use HLG 260s and basically have 3 HLG 135W panels (1.5 of a 260) for each plant, but I like to put a lot of light on my girls.

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I’m going with photos. Where is the best place to buy led lights from ? I have just been looking on Amazon. Thanks everyone for the great help.

Be careful. Amazon is overrun with cheap Chinese burple lights and their claims are misleading at best. The Amazon reviews for these cheap lights are also “fluffed.”

I bought a burple for my first grow a couple of years ago. I wrote a bad review and the company contacted me and offered me money to take my review down.

I bought all of my HLGs from the HLG website or from growerslights dot com. You can find quality lights on Amazon, but it’s not so easy to sort out the bad from the good.

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It’s really going to depend on whether you have to have the brand name on your lights and the amount of money you have to spend. I definitely agree with @MidwestGuy it’s a monster mistake to buy the cheap blurple lights but there are so many companies using the highest quality equipment to build their lights now you can spend half the money for the same quality if you shop around. There’s a new American company selling LEDs on Amazon I wish I would have found before I bought the lights I have. In your room I would recommend 6 of these but they would definitely provide enough quality light to produce some tight buds. The 4x4 numbers under this light at 18" gives you well over the 500 ppfd required to flower very nicely and 6 of them for $2700 gives you 2400w and you aren’t going to get that from any of the big name lights. The only thing I think I would add is some uv light

Thanks guys for all the good information.

Your welcome and feel free to @ me like this @john927 I’ll try to help or point you to help if I can. I want to add I’m not saying that this is the light I was just giving an example of what I’ve been seeing available lately the days of $3 per watt for quality light is a thing of the past. I’ll give props to the companies that got it right first but now everyone has the same stuff. Good luck keep us updated I enjoy watching new growrooms come together because I can see and maybe steal some new ideas :bulb: :wink: lol

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6 HLG 650Rs would light that size very well at a lower setting for better efficiency, as would 4 NEXLights, CHILLled X6, or maybe even Gavita 1700e with a controller. This all depends on your budget. Another option would be to put a few 4x4 tents in there and have multiple stages (veg tent and flower tents etc)

My advice would be to start by reading through the grow room page at other room set ups to get a few ideas plus that way you can see the results of their designs

Hey @john927 I just saw that Amazon has a few viparspectra lights on sale these are built with the same parts as hlg uses in there lights. This one is 400w says 5x5 but I wouldn’t stretch it that much 4x4 is a nice ppfd footprint and for $330 it’s definitely a good price. Here’s the link if you’re interested I just ran across this sale and remembered talking to you earlier. Make sure not to get the blurple ones get the ones with the Samsung diodes. There’s a couple other sizes that are on sale if someone else is looking for a smaller light there’s some good deals from a well known company

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Check out toolots dot com also search led grow loghts they have a bunch of qb lights and bar loghts and are the cheapest ive seen so far. Can get a philzon 800 w led bar lights set up for 650 us dollars and a 640.w for 549 us dollars. Hope u get what u are looking for. And for a firat time thats quite a big room to start off with lol. It is a fun hobby u will get addicted to tho.

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