How many plants in Garden?

So this is my first time growing indoors I had someone hold my hand one time through the set up and everything processed but this will be the first time that I’ve done it all on my own. I have a couple of plants I did outside this summer and I got bit by the bug! :potted_plant: so I was wondering how many plants I should put in my garden. I ordered some autos and also got some feminized part of me wants to start the Auto flowers so I can get some of my own herb but part of me wants to grow regular plants so I can get them big. Any suggestions? Here’s a picture of my two plants outside that should be finishing up anytime I was late getting them out so I may have to finish them under the lights but I still have a couple weeks. No one has given me any help on any of this so I’m just kind of winging it. Also included a couple pictures of my plants outside my friend told me that October 15 is kind of a dropdead date for pulling them. But I just don’t know if there gonna be done. The room is set up with 2T fives right now for my seedlings but I plan on replacing those with two additional 1000 for virgin flowers any ideas pointers?


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Can you give dimensions for your space? Also veg time plays a big factor. A full grown pot plant can be 4ft tall by 4ft wide. Also depends on your training methods LST, SOG, untrained, or just topped. For instance i have 17 clones of geeen crack in my 4x8x6 now and could fit more but they are all untrained. I can fit max 4 plants in my veg tent (5×5)and support them for 1-2 months veg but those same plants will almost outgrow my flower tent (4×8) during the stretch side to side (my height is limited to about 4ft max due to ceiling being low and lights not being able to be raised anymore)

16X4 feet is the garden dimension.

Gonna lst them tie them down and let them
Grow big.

I reccomend starting with autos as an actual test to see if you re actually doing a good job 4-5 per 4x4 space ll be good if you do plan on doing photos then 2 per 4x4 area would be better just be sure you have a grasp on dli before doing autos

I agree with what was said above. A test run would be a good start to figure your desired veg time and plants overall. My question is how do you plan on watering these ladies once its full? Lol

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There in trays so The bath room is about 10 feet from the grow room door. Honestly my plan was to fill the bathtub up plug it makes my nutrients in there and then I have a little plug-in electric water pump that I will just put on the wand and then I have a small flat pan to hold the runoff it comes out of the corner

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