How many plants in 2.3’x2.3’

I recently purchased a spider farm 27x27x63 tent and and hlg 100 v2 3000k. I have been growing in 3 gallon fabric pots and soil. Previously I had a homemade cabinet and a viparspectra 300w.

New grow is going great in my 9th week (it’s my 5th grow) It is a white widow auto and seems like I should have room for a second plant. I do some LST.

I recently purchased 4 types of auto seeds and would like to try to grow 2, zkittles and jack herer.

Can I fit them both? Is there some sort of supplemental light I should get?

I should note. Week 9 overall. About week 4 of flower.

1 plant per 2x2


Yank those yellow leaves. :wink:
This is my grown up White Widow

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I will yank the yellows near the bottom. Defoliation scares me.

That’s good it should, you need to learn the art of it so you don’t over stress your plant.

@neofirebird looks like chop time by those pistils

I was trimming some of her other parts but that main cola is calling… Another bowl then chop the main cola. Check it out over on my thread soon.

48he of darkness before chop and chop in dark don’t forget!