How many plants do you think I can grow in this space?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“This is my first time growing and I’m hoping I’m not in over my head. I read from grow bible and I read the articles on the site. But I still find myself being a little confused.

I do have a few questions. I have this much space, like in the picture 5ft, by 8ft length. I received 20 White Widow Auto seeds from the beginners grow pack I purchased. I’m growing indoors in a room in the basement. No light can really leak out, and it’s where the AC system is located so circulation is good. My question is, how many plants do you think I can grow in this space?
Should I plant all at the same time? (will the seeds go bad if I don’t immediately germinate them?)
If anyone can help answer these questions or point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. Also I’d like to specify that I’d like to use grow tents, so was wanting to know the correct size needed for the plants to go from seed to full grown and light wattage (which is super confusing, 1000 watts , 600 watts, both? I’ve read it all) Thank you!!”

Are you just growing regular or doing techniques for larger yield? The answer differs.

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You could certainly do that or you could grow half of them in that space and use growing techniques to get them to cover that space. SCROG

Your issue is going to be lights. You need 30-50 watts per sq foot. And you would need to buy enough units that the light overlaps slightly to make sure they all get equal amounts of light.

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Just regular

Think of a plant in a 2x2’ space and you have 40sq feet
That should give you an idea.
If you didn’t draw 5ft 3 times I never would have known it was 5ft wide :nerd_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::nerd_face: just kidding

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I think the lines indicate three rows 5 feet long. But I’m just guessing here. Hopefully @Dgrows will provide some more info?

it’s just 5x8, I was drawing fast so I kept saying 5ft and wrote it 3 times, but sure it could indicate rows too :grin:

@Fever @bob31 wrote you a crazy long response a few days ago and it never posted lol , sorry, -_- I don’t really know how to write in forums. I’m wanting to grow regular , this is my first time and I’m too afraid to scrog cause I don’t to mess up terribly and ruin everything. Not trying to grow a farm, just enough to not spend 15,000 a year on buying weed. My husband smokes a lot so I’m doing this for him to try to cut our cost ( im also aware that we’ll still have to buy while I grow, and the initial investment, but I’m hoping in a few months after harvest it’ll balance out). 1 of the reasons I got so confused is I read an article on here stating you can grow 1 pound from 1 plant and I was like wtf? I have 20 seeds and now i’m not sure if I should even plant them all at the same time cause I don’t want it getting too crazy. I’m really confused on lights and would love some links to whats best to buy. Thanks so much guys for responding

2x2 spacing seems the most ideal for beginners.

I’d say 9 would fit comfortably in there


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A follow up question from @Dgrows and I hope we can get some answers for him, thanks

My account is on hold for whatever reason so it makes communicating and getting answers difficult. I really just need a few questions answered:

1- will my seeds go bad???
2- any light links to grow like 8 plants?
3- recommended grow tents for the size stated above?

thank you so much. Do you have recommendation on lights? ( a link would be so fantastic):grin::pray:

6 plants would fit comfortably. Too many plants and you stifle air circulation which can lead to disease.

Happy growing

Nobody suggested running them in phases? It sounds like starting 2 or 3 plants a month would be ideal for this situation. Especially since they’re autos, and wouldn’t require changing light cycle. Being new myself, I would fear making a mistake and ruining a full grow area that large.

I would suggest starting 3 plants. Learn with them, get the feel for your grow area, and make whatever changes you need to along the way. When your first plants reach about a month old, start 3 more and so on. This will have a ton of benefits in the long run. You can space out buying your equipment a little, and even decide to buy different if you’re not happy with your original purchase. If you’re lucky enough to get your original 3 to harvest, that’s a project in itself. Just my thoughts, there are others here with much more experience. Best of luck with your grow!


@Dgrows @dbrn32 made some valid points. The lighting costs for an area that big is gonna be expensive. Why not start just using half of that say a 4x4 area. Do you have a tent?
The perpetual grow is what you need to do.

There is a whole list of items you will need before you need lights. I’d highly recommend you take some time and do some reading on the forum so you can get a better understanding of what is involved here.

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@Dgrows welcome to the forum. I am a relative newbie here also. Doing my second grow even before my first one, which is in flower now. 1st week. Anyway, here are a couple of links to the lights I have gotten. Your choice really. I went the cheaper route compared to some of the others here. Just didnt have the bucks to offord the lots better stuff.

I have just one of the above right now on order. Its a good light and good manufactoror who supports their stuff. They make a 300 watt light as well as this 600 watt.

Using two of these right now with a side light of a 2 foot T5 flourescent. Got a couple other china built LED;s that were cheap and fit my budget at the time. Cant link to them since didnt buy them on amazon. Got them from ebay.

Good luck with your grow. And it was suggested above to grow in a series, 3 a month. Good idea since you havent grown before. Lets you learn first before you jump in feet first. Like I did. :confounded:

another set of lights you might look at for underneath your plants. Thiinking of getting these for some more side and under lights.