How many plants do you put in a square meter?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I read a lot about how it says so many ounces or grams per square meter. With that being said I am wondering how many plants do you put in a square meter?thanks in advance again and i know it depends a lot on type of plant but can you give me a good estimate on an automatic like blueberry auto and a photo like banana lush? Thanks so much again!

You can vegg one plant to fill up 1sq meter. Or you can grow two or three. Personally, I like 1 large plant over multiple small ones


Use topping and LST to train a plant to spread out, and one plant can fill up one square meter. Use a 5-7 gallon pot, and veg it until it fills up the meter. You need to keep it low if inside, because they stretch a lot in flower.

Or with autos, you may not have time to do that before it starts flowering. You might be able to fit four small autos in a square meter, but it would be tight. You would want to use 3 gallon pots.


Not sure he could, for I have a 7 week old auto in a 1 gallon pot and that cleared half a metre in width. I can see it being bigger in a 3 gallon pot.

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Depends on the grow, if growing a SOG style you can fit a bunch of plants in 1 m2, it just depends on veg time ect.


i’m with you @Aolelon
sativas are tall plant so not as many
but indicas you could pack them in because they’re shorter
@anon35207245 good points as well

I’d still rather do just one big one though


i would like to grow an outside monster… @anon35207245
maybe one day it will be safe to come out of hiding…


I know the feeling

I put a Blue Dream plant outside when it came time to flower. I think it was about 4 feet tall and very bushy because I topped it a couple of times. It got to be 6.5 feet tall and about 6 feet wide. Got 12 ounces off it dry weight. They really respond to their environment and training. This is a very resilient plant. I am very grateful I live in a legal grow state.

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