How many plants could I grow

Hey all I’m going to start some outdoor crops and was wondering how many y’all would recommend planting? My box is 24ft length and 12ft height 12ft width (last plants reached a little over 7ft going to grow same strains)I want to get them all that size but not sure if I should stick to 4 or try 6 image|281x500

This was two plant


I wouldn’t want more than 4. Especially how big I grow them indoors.

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Where I live I couldn’t grow even one.
It would be stolen before it grew the 2nd node.


2 plants… thats redic.
The question is, can you properly dry all that bud?
Do you have means for storage?
Because i dont… lol

Looks great to be honest.

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Thank you all and yes I have a way to dry it lol It was a few pounds I ran out of jars pretty quick. I want to grow 4 just not sure if there will be enough space to have them all that size I wasn’t expecting them to be that big at all specially since I didn’t use any nutrients just straight soil.


Candyland Peyote

Those are some nice nugs! :wink:

Very nice solid looking buds.

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