How many plants can u got in 2×4 tent

I’ve read some grow journals and I’ve seen someone put 10 plants in a 2×4 grow tent. how many plants will fit. and do u get more yield if u grow more plants or can u use the LST and or scrog to get just as high of a yeild.

I have 2x2x5 grow box and I was be able to squeeze 2 plants in but it was very crowded in there so my awnser for you would be : 3 big plants (LST and scrog) or 4 smaller ones… Depending on how you manage your grow :+1:

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figure 2.5 feet per plant and 75 watts per plant (LED)

You can do one plant and get just as high a yield if not higher if done in a scrog. More plants will allow you to fill your 2x4 space a little quicker, allowing you to initiate flower a little quicker, and finally allowing you to harvest a little sooner. :ok_hand:


I have 5 in my 2x4 tent and find it a bit crammed. I will only do max of 4 next or 2 if it’s a scrog.

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One thing about weed is that you can grow 1 plant or several you will get the same amount of harvest roughly per square foot. I used to grow 4 in my 10x10 room I now grow just 2 and I get pretty much the same amount of harvest and it’s less plants to take care of and also it’s easier to grow one strain at a time too . So the answer for me would b 1 Big plant in a SCROG will fill that space up full


In my opinion 2 plants max especially if fems


I agree with what everyone else is pretty much saying.

A full canopy is a full canopy, it matters very little how you get there. You can run a scrog from a single plant and fill that space, or you can run 20+ plants in a sog style grow. Less plants equals more veg time. I’m becoming increasingly convinced that say two plants provide a little more photosynthetic energy than one. So if all other things are equal, you’ll get a touch higher yield out of two than you will one. But we’re probably talking grams difference not ounces.

Due to some of the more advanced higher yielding methods being quite literal, I would probably caution against trying to do them on your first grow. For that reason, I would probably have to agree with @Countryboyjvd1971, two plants maybe three tops. Once they get a couple of nodes veg them out for something like 4-5 weeks and throw them in flower. You probably won’t maximize your yield potential, but it should do pretty good. And you’ll get a good chance to learn your space without being overwhelmed by several plants or very large plants.


I just recently came out of my tent and had 4x4 tents i would be able to fit 3 plants comfortably in the flower tent with out over crowding
Plants will yield way to other plants in same grow space once they start touching which will also effect yields at harvest
This is why in out grow setting where space is not a issue the space plants 3-4 feet apart
Actually a scrog set up in that space would be great for two plants imo one would yield maximum benefits from the technique


Also with a tight space a good journal gets to be pretty important to fine tune your process.


Good explanation. Using SCROG is pretty amazing how big a plant can get but you need to plan fir that with bigger pots and usually more food to feed a big plant like that but it will cover the space you give it. My plants when harvested almost resemble vines the way the branches spread out. Pretty cool but I did only once fill my 8x7 SCROG with one plant and like what was said I did harvest more with 2 plants but not by a lot. I got 26 oz off one plant and I usually get around 30-38 with 2 so there is a bit of a difference on a bigger scale but in a space like that like yours like was said it would b grams . But the bigger the plant the longer the grow too


2 plants in 3 gallon buckets will give you enough room for a fan and humidifier, ect.