How many plants can i grow in A 3X3X72@ TENT

From a fellow grower: I have a 3x3x72" tent with (2) 600 full spectrum lights, Can i grow grandaddy purple auto with out over crowding?

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@nicky can you help with this? My thought is,while you can certainly grow in that space, filling out a support ticket would help answer better. Size of pots will be first concern. What type of plant manipulation to be used.

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I have easily grown four plants in my 3x3 as do many others around here. When my current grow finishes up I am planning on growing four granddaddy purple photos. They will be in 5 gallon bags. You can grow more in smaller bags and with more training. But probably not recommended if you lack the necessary experience / knowledge


Grow style and technique will answer that question for you. Also need to know what type of plant your growing and wether it’s a photo/auto. Growing from seed or clone?

May want to read the grow bible and figure out what your getting yourself into


A single plant in a 5-10 gallon pot depending on medium (suggest coco perlite mix of course)
Up to 3 smaller plants in 3 gallons.
As @PharmerBob stated depends on growing strategie.
Auto? Photo? Unless cloning I would suggest more than 2 plants.

I grow a single photoperiod plant in a 3x3 but I can veg it for as long as I want and train it to a screen until the tent is filled. With autoflowers you don’t have that option.

You can grow as many plants in that space as you want although it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a bigger harvest then just growing a few.

My personal rule of thumb is that I need a minimum of 4 square feet per plant to avoid overcrowding. It makes growing enjoyable because it is easier to monitor a few plants that you have access to then having an overcrowded grow space where you can’t even see the plants in back. Based on that, I think you would find growing two autoflowers in a 3x3 manageable.

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I had 4 massive beasts in a 4x4x80” and it hurt my final weight. Because two of them could have taken a 10 feet x 10 feet grow tent.

I won’t grow no more than 2 or 3 at a time when it comes to Photos. I would run 4 Autos in my space…

I have 3 white widow autos in a 3x3 tent in DWC.

At 6 weeks they are 30”- 40” tall and have completely filled my tent, blocking light to the lower buds.
Next grow will be 1 or 2 plants, maybe photos so I can trim and train them.


Welcome to the forum!!

Looking good in that tent!

You can clean up some of those fan leaves and get some light down to those lower buds to help them along. You should also cut off some of the shoots that have no real chance of developing good fat nugs. That currently wasted energy will then go to getting the predominant budsites to fatten up and develop more.
You’ll get better weight and better smoke overall concentrating on fewer denser nugs than bunches of smaller loose, larfy buds.

Best of Luck to you!!
And again, welcome aboard!!

Looks like 3 meters by 3 meters.

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9’ lights?
Well minus 1’ per side, 7’ light?

3 feet x 3 feet tent. Spider Farmer SE 3000 light


Looking good and welcome :green_heart::green_heart::muscle:

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I’ve read a ton of conflicting replies on whether to trim autos or not. Probably 75% say don’t trim once they start flowering.I’ve trimmed about 50 leaves in the past 2 weeks. It’s my first grow.

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@MeEasy what do you think about that :point_up: your an auto-pilot

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Thanks for the tag @StonedCold13 , hi @Pungus I’ve only been playing with autos for like a year now and I like em alright and I’m trying different methods of training and trimming I am growing in living soil so myself I’m seeing better results from less trimming but with organic the plants tend to need the extra nutrients that are saved in the leaves. So I’m thinking like with photoperiod plants if you are using synthetic nutes once the plant is in flower and the stretch is over trimming 30-40% of the leaves would be beneficial because you can supply the necessary nutrients for the remaining 5-9 weeks ± of flowering and then flush n fade

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Check out Nebula’s defoliation tutorials over on growweedeasy dot you know what she’s a magician with plants