How many plants are too many to grow for oneself?

I have 2 strains I want to try growing in my backyard. I am growing it for the purpose of acquiring my own medicine. Along with my private flower and vegetable garden, the heat will be great for growing here in S. Texas.Just wondered how much is too many plants for this purpose


I personally suggest starting with 4 plants total(2 of each strain). I think anymore than that and you may have your hands full . Im a new grower too and i started on april first and have 4 autos (super skunks) and i have to say i should have started with 2 but hindsight is 20/20 . Lol


How experienced at growing Cannabis are you? @Peacelagoon

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In my opinion, plant all your seeds.

Some plants are difficult, some plants are plain, some die, and some are lame. The others are monsters you want to grow forever!

The less experienced you are, the more you should start. You can always gift, kill, or keep the “extra plants” that make it above your needs.

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I appreciate this blog. Im not experienced. A few years ago a friend gave me seeds & I put in a large planter outdoors here in S Texas and they grow beyond what I expected. Then later on I tried again and they grew really thick with THC and I wasnt sure when to harvest it.Then other seeds I bought from Europe failed completely due to my carelessness.


I agree with @Ncgreenthumber only start with four or less, if you grow too many it could over whelm you plus you are more open to bugs and disease. Keep it simple and come back to this forum if you come into any problems, when you have some confidence in your grow and the outdoor medium and conditions your growing in, then you can move along to a larger crop. Out side they can grow huge, i have had they upto 15ft outdoors, depending on the strain.


Welcome to the forum @Peacelagoon

How often do you Medicate?
How much will, you go through in a month?
Seed to harvest and using it can take from 10 weeks or more using Auto seeds and up to 4-5 months using Photo seeds.
Once you figure out how much you will need over say the next 5 months (say 2 ounces per month x 5 months =10 ounces) each plant will harvest between 2 and 10 ounces and much higher. This is just a basic range and not by any means what the end results will be just a general idea.

So you can figure out in order to have enough medicine for 5 months assuming you will grow again and again to resupply plug in the numbers and you’ll have a better idea how many you’ll need to plant and that’s assuming they all make it to harvest. If you have the room and the time plant as many as you want within the local guidelines as it’s not much more taking care of 4 or 8 plants especially if outside in living soil. Just give them plenty of space between for max sun and max airflow…

Stoned and rambling but this may help…


I don’t think anyone has ever found the answer to how much is too much.


My first thought was, " is this a trick question"? lol


To me, physical limitations is a big factor, especially if you are growing for medication. 5 plants at a time 30-45 days apart is about all my back can handle being bent over. Also, are you growing photos or autoflowering? Having a whole bunch of plants ready to harvest at the same time can become a real pain. Wife and I have spent 12+ hours trimming 4-5 auto plants, do you have the space to dry all those plants and the space to jar and cure them?

One plant would be “enough” for me. But, it’s not about me…

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I helped a friend of mine a 70 year old man. Last summer put a super skunk photo in his backyard. Fall come we dried an cured . He called me about a week ago and said he just run out an can we do it again . I think he hits a little bit everyday. That being said if you can pull off a couple nice ones you should be covered. Good luck

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Too funny


I’ve got 14 photos growing at the moment , providing they all make it to harvest…