How many plants are possible in the larger space?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I have, roughly, 13,000-16,000 sq ft of growing space. One of those areas, alone, is a perfect rectangle, about 100ft by 60ft.

How many plants are possible in the larger space? How many lights? The ceiling is roughly 21ft high.

Enough u will need a license to grow.

Lights for a space that size will b in the tens of thousands of dollars as well.

That is a commercial growers space and if u r asking about plant count u have a lot to learn before getting anywhere near there.

Have you ever grown a plant before? I would suggest starting off with a few and a small set up so u can see what is involved with a small grow.

Can u wall off a 8x8 space? Even that space is big for a new grower. To set up an 8x8 with sufficient equipment to grow the entire plants cycle would cost anywhere from 2-5k$ depending on the quality of your equipment.

You also would need employees to take care of a space that size filled with plants. There aren’t enough hours in the day for 1 person to properly care for that many plants. Unless u plan to automate that size space and then add a few 10k more dollars.

This is by no means a cheap endevour. Even the small home grower has approx 2k$ into their hobby after a grow or two. I’m well over 5k$ and I only grow in my basement at home.


Hi im growing 2 white widow seedlings under 1000w blurple light with no heater.Will my plants grow?

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