How many ounces per square foot


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Lowryder autoflower says to expect " 90 grams per square meter (9 ounces per square foot)." Should it be 2.64 ounces per square yard ( 0.29 ounces per square foot). Or can yoyu put the correct yield it should be because 90 grams per square meter is not equial to 9 ounces per square foot.


It is a bit confusing, the way that some of it is written but what you have above is the correct one…90 grams / meter² or 90 grams in an area of 3.28’ x 3.28’

Way too small of a yield


so much simpler


Now I’m confused @Donaldj

That one sentence shows two different yields correct? Or are my circuits just fried?

I want something that yields 9 ounces per square foot! :smile:


@TDubWilly your circuits may well be fried but that does not change the fact that the math in the above description does not work.:+1::writing_hand::thinking:

Me too!


Yup I agree. It’s probably intended to read up to 90 grams per square foot and 9 zips per square meter.

Those are also estimates, that rely heavily on your equipment and ability to maintain ideal growing conditions.


@ILGM.Support.Roy think you guys have a typo on Seed Shop page Lowryder Autoflower

Thanks @TDubWilly


I think it more like 9 grams per foot, and 90 grams per meter. It is an Auto Lowryder, doubt you could get 9 zips from a square meter, you might though, I have never grown that strain.

After further investigation


Maybe, they don’t really decipher that to be a single plant though. It’s more of a full canopy that size. I would expect even a small plant like that has way beyond 9 gram potential. As far as a square meter of full canopy, that could be 30+ plants. Not likely I know, but it’s just as likely as pulling 2-3 pounds from a square meter with any other plant.

Hard to say really, but I don’t think my assessment was too far out of the realm of possibility.


good points… could squeeze 9 plants in a 3x3, and probably get 1 oz per. I stand corrected :upside_down_face:


Technically the picture you posted, we’re both right. 3 zips per 3 ft sq. 3 sq ft = .28 square meters. Had to go convert after I posted lol.

In my experience breeder estimates are generally a little higher than average hobby grower will be able to get. But in the hands of good grower with good pheno, not impossible.

All good brotherhood


Now that is a third different yield


Well you know, they’re quoting by committee lol. You guys would probably get the 9 zips per square foot and I’d be lucky to pull 9 grams out of a 4x4. Stranger things have happened haha!


Does 28.3 grams make a zip? Lol. I’m assuming 16 zips make a pound LMAO


You betcha haha. Sorry about the slang, but 16 zips makes a unit :joy:


Thanks for spotting the typo guys. Corrected it.

…around 90 grams per square meter (3 oz per 3 square feet)…


It’s really how many grams do you get per watt of electricity you have to pay for. You can fill a square meter nicely with one plant, 4 plants, or 9 plants depending on how long you want to veg. But the real limit is usually light when growing indoors.