How many of them i would need throughout if it was even possible to do this with the low wattage lights



A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

If i was going to make a Rubbermaid bin grow but i am only able to get 23w cfl’s of daylight, warm white, and white… I was wondering how many of them i would need throughout if it was even possible to do this with the low wattage lights.


Cfls will work good for veg but not the best for flowering color range should be in the 4100k range for veg and 3100 k range fir flower
You would need to size light grow space
As well 8-12 bulbs should get you going
I woukd consider better lighting fir flower


I agree with @Countryboyjvd1971 those lights will grow a nice plant in veg but will disappoint for flower light. Your will get buds but they will be airy with hardly any weight if you are only growing 1 plant and don’t want to spend alot then you can spend $70 on a light for a roleadro 300w led light and probably double your yeild or use cfl with led for Xtra light. But yes all in all cfl will grow it I’d your not concerned with how much you yeild


I use to grow from seed to harvest in spacebuckets similar to what you are going to build. I use 5 gallon buckets with 5 cfl 23w bulbs 5000k and 32 gallon Brute garbage cans with the same lights. But like @Sirsmokes stated you do not get a very good yield. I was averaging 10-15 grams per plant. Cfl’s are great for veg like @Countryboyjvd1971 stated but not flower. So I continue to veg with Cfl’s but have a flowering tent with more red spectrum lights which are better for flowering. If you build two rubbermaids one for veg you can use CFL’s the other for flower but use a red spectrum LED 2700k - 3500k in your flowering rubbermaid. Join the forum and you will receive all kinds of help and support. I am on my 4th grow and if it wasn’t for these wonderful people I have have quit long ago. Happy growing


If ordering is a problem because of where you live I still mite be able to show you a way to order some lights



@ILGM.Support.Zoe It would take 12 x 23 watt CFls for a standard big storage tub to grow 2 small plants. Its not practical because of the heat. I’ve tried to do this before. I still use this setup for seedlings. I switched to LED 15w 4k spots instead of CFls. The seeds get big fast.

You’ll need an exhaust fan for the heat.