How many nodes should i have

Hi All. New strain with Northern lights. Almost one month old and still in veg. I,m a little bit stressed out cause they are a little bit small. Some of them have 5 nodes, is this right, or should they have more. I have Fimmed, and LST. And it looks like they are responding ok. How large, big many nodes should the plants have by now? Odd⚽️

Not sure why or how you posted the topic as a message but hopefully will get more feedback this way and answers will be shared knowledge :wink:

Well, I’ve grown 1 auto in my life, a NL auto/fem from another vendor. The pic below is at about 4 weeks. Smaller than yours. It finished in 105 days and yielded about 7 1/2 ounces dry.



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I already posted a request for a pic and a support ticket on the other topic.

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