How many more weeks?

Ok. There’s an hour or so to trim off the yellow leaves. Maybe I’ll just wait until harvest.

Thank you for the help.

Your only alternative imo is feed nutes to try to get pretty leaves
You don’t need more nutes at this point

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I was just concerned that the plant went into shock and stopped growing.

Finally pulled the plug and harvested yesterday. In the tent on June 15, flowering on July 1. Amnesia Haze Autos.

I got 29 oz of wet bud! That should net out to about 7 oz from one plant, grown with 600w hps in a tent.

I grew it in a high humidity environment (we get fogged in every morning) and cut away about one ounce with bud rot. It’s drying in the tent with fans. We’ll see how it looks in about 2 weeks. Then, THE CURE!

Funny thing. I had to fight the old ladies at Walmart to get a case of mason jars. They are canning right now.

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Two weeks drying, and I went from 29 oz harvested to 8 oz in the jars!!



Sounds like one heckuva haul! 8 oz in the jar is nothing to shake a stick at haha! Maybe light a few off tho…. :thinking:

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Wow very nice haul indeed!

Good job


@PurpNGold74 u really are the super. I’ve been trying to figure out where to get a jewelers loupe at and I just happened to be here reading comments and BOOM answer given. Good looking out


Haha anytime bro. Make sure u get a decent one. I always cheap out and they are hard af to use.


I make a cancer ani-itch creme out of it. THC works. CBD does not.

With these large yields, I’ve got a lot left over……:sunglasses:

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Thank you