How many more weeks do I have until harvest

This is my first grow. There are northern lights started from seed May 3rd. I think I have two to four more weeks. When should I stop adding nutrition to the water? My run off ppm is 1350 and ph is 6.1

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A few. Once the hairs get more brown, get a jeweler lens once the tric is about ready to harvest is around 80% milky 20% amber

Like this

JARLINK 30X 60X Illuminated Jewelers Eye Loupe Magnifier, Foldable Jewelry Magnifier with Bright LED Light for Gems, Jewelry, Coins, Stamps, etc

This is the one I use.


I will get one and try to put up some pictures with it.

Does it matter if some of the pistils are still white ish ? I see a few amber trichomes on mine and a lot of cloudy and still a few clear, can’t get any decent pics though I’m still trying :joy: but a lot of the hairs on the main Kola are still whitish/ambering slightly

Pics or it didn’t happen

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I am trying bare with me lol got to hold the loupe to the iPhone camera lol I’ll do my best

Stop nutrients 2 weeks before harvest. Do you give it nutrients every watering? What is your soil? She looks pretty well.

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USB scope is the way to go. Northern lights photo from this morning. Just a few amber here and there, and still a lot of clear. Bidding my time.


Yeah I have ordered one of those all I have is a 60X jewellers loupe so it’s quite hard to take photos at the moment :laughing:

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I’m a newbie and have same question as you. This applies to me as well. IPC_2020-07-

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Yes I feed nutrients every watering. My water is 900 ppm and 6.5 ph. Water out is 1300 ppm and 6.1 ph I’m using coco + perlite. Here are some pictures all I have is a jewelry magnifier with my iPhone.

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You having a mix of The three aswell buddy lol? Clear amber and cloudy? I still have some white/milky yellow pistils though so regardless I’m waiting another couple weeks I reckon, I’ll try get some pictures in a few moments, @802Grow good job with the pics bro must have a steady ass hand :joy:

@CottonUpdate @802Grow @hector5.0 @beardless

Best pics I could get right now :joy:

Total guess 3 weeks.
What are you growing? Is it an auto?

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Yeah she’s auto buddy glue gelato

@beardless this is the stardawg I’m smoking now, almost no amber trichomes all cloudy and clear lmao :joy: people must be harvesting early here Cos of a drought, still banging though

Sorry, could respond until now. I just joined and was limited to so many messages. Thanks everyone for all the advice. I did give them another dose, also trimmed up some fan leaves. I will start the flush again and hopefully soon I’ll get to harvest.

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