How many males, how much money

A question from a fellow grower:

I want to grow about 150 trees but I would like to know how many males do I need to pollinate my females to get about 1000 seeds. Also let’s say I get 50 strong females a pound here cost $8000 so how much money do you think 50 plants can produce.

No telling on how much your plant will produce money else money is up to you and most of us here grow for personal use. 1 make seed can pollinate up to 8 females in a 1 mile radius and and you’d only need one plant, one make plant can produce thousands of seeds same with the females pollinated from male

3 plants outside can yield 3 pounds which is $24,000 ? I’m sure this is a limited resource place !!!

Well price depends on place your in you sure as hell won’t make $24,000 here in Arizona off 3 the most you’ll be able to make here on 3 lb is $7,500 you wouldnt make more than that on street sales lol or dispensary sales

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I agree , that’s probably deep North country in maybe Alaska on the last frontier ?

Yea somthing like that lol