How many likes do we have

Can anyone tell me how many “likes” we get at each trust level?
Is there a way to determine how many "likes’ we have remaining at any given time?


Unrelated to “likes” but…

Does it cause any confusion to folks if we change the name of our journal from time to time?


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@merlin44 don’t hold me to this, but, I believe you get 50 likes. I think

Out of likes but thanks, @HornHead. Each promotion we get a few more, any idea what the increment is?

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That my friend, I have no idea. I’ve never ran outta likes before. For some reason, I can’t remember the like button is there. Sometimes I’ll read a post two or three times before I remember to hit like

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LMAO :rofl:, if I had any likes left I would like this! @HornHead

Check out my first grow if you want: First Grow is in the Dirt and going strong

Any comments or suggestions would be great! Everyone has been very helpful getting my first run going.:ok_man:


If you build a poll in your thread with a like or don’t like then people don’t have to have likes to like what you like lol

  • Like
  • Don’t like

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You can do it with the gear


Thank you, @TDubWilly, for the great tip. I will figure out how to use this in an interesting way.:writing_hand::man_scientist:


I liked your post and now I am out of likes! And, like, whatever TDubWilly said…goes for me too, I’m sure.