How many hours of light to give them

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I’m looking to grow outdoors and would like some advice: I’m germinating indoors and would like to know how many hours of light to give them (since they will only receive about 6~8 hours of direct sunlight outdoors). Won’t they go straight into flowering if moved outdoors after 2~3 weeks indoors under 20 hours of light?
As always I really appreciate your advice! Thank you!

I’ve been growing outside for over 30 years and for the past 15 or so have started inside also…and never have had that happen to me…you will be fine putting them outside at any point…but harden them off first…meaning don’t start them out in direct sunlight…put them in shade a day or so before you do…good luck


18/6 is what I recommend for starting the seeds. As was said, be sure to ease them into the full sun. If your nights are staying at least in the 50’s you should be good by late May even in northern areas.

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Awesome. Thanks for the advice!

How long do you normally keep them indoors before putting them outside?

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If you’re putting them into the ground, I’d recommend waiting til the roots have filled a one gallon pot. If you’re growing them in pots, you can wait til you feel comfortable. I’d transplant and give them a few days before moving them outside if they’re not going in the ground.

@Marcelis…justs depends on weather, as soon as it’s warm enough them girls go out where that can grow by the light of the sun

Got it. But lets say the weather stays cold for longer than expected then wouldn’t vegetating an extra week or two induce flowering if moved outdoors at that stage of the growing cycle? (going back to my original concern) Sorry if my question is redundant…

It will only induce flower if it senses a drastic drop in daylight hours.
If the plant is getting 18hrs of light inside and you throw it outside , and it’s only 14 hrs it might go into flower. But it will revert back to veg in a few weeks as the light hours increase.
If it’s good genetics then it will be like a monster cropped clone and will have more robust growth.
If poor genetics it could hermie

No such thing as a dumb question…and to your anwser is no…they will be fine

Good to know! Thanks again for the info… much appreciated!

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