How many gallons to flush 10 gallon felt pot

Time to flush so for my outdoor grow 30 gallons?? Zen Blend soil, fox farm Grow Big, Big Bloom & tiger bloom. Dr. Earth Organic fertilizer, 5-7-3.

I have used 6.5 PH water since day one. Will there be an issue flushing with water out of the hose, comments please and thanks…

Happy Growing

It will cause a problem if your water from the hose has a different pH than 6.5
Once you flush everything, the only thing really left is the water. So you’ll want your water pHed appropriately. But also, maybe just the last 10 gallons could be 6.5 pH and the first 20 gallons hose water? Not sure!


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I agree with ktreez420 and would flush with hose water and then the last 10 gallons use proper ph…thats primarily what will be left when done flushing.