How many could i fit?

I wanna know how big of a space im going to need for a 20plant grow using fem seeds and 7 gal fabric buckets
I also will be using a 45"L x 44.75" W x 3.75" H LED light.

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Your light is going to be your main constraint. Tell us more about your light.


Why would it be the biggest constraint? And take a look at it if you may. mangotech store

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I personally think minimum 2ft x 2ft each + room to work around each. You don’t want too many crammed together or you’ll end up with rot if u get nice big colas.
FlxerPower on the money, most will agree no point having multiple babies under 1 light that will only produce what 1 could have, given the space and correct environment. Not always about numbers but patience and care :slight_smile:



Is correct … No less then 2’ x 2’ for each plant

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Let’s ask @dbrn32 to weigh in on the light. It’s a model I’ve not seen before and I don’t know its efficacy.

You really need about 50 true watts per square foot. If that light is a high efficacy light you would be able to flower 13 square feet with it. At 2 sq ft per plant, which can be small depending on the genetics and how long you veg them, you could flower about 6 plants. I wouldn’t want to go beyond 4 good sized plants with it.


You’d be looking at something like a 5x10 space, and 2 of those lights.

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Yes. Your light. It tells you a lot but nothing on light coverage
How many square feet ?? With the amount of plants you want to grow. That along with footage of light plus space will tell you what you need to know…and remember 2 square feet per plant

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It lists ppf of 1700 umols/s. Good for flowering up to 5x5 space if that’s accurate.

You could grow 20 plants in a 5x5, but probably not the way you are thinking. 20 plants would have to be on smaller side, so definitely no need for 7 gallon pots. I would think started in party cup then transplanted to something like 3 gallon and flipped at 4-5 weeks from sprouting you would probably still have your hands full.

I would do some adjusting to your grow plan. More light and space, less plants, smaller plants doesn’t really matter. But 20 plants in 7 gallon pots and 1 light doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.


My grow…I need a minimum 16 sq feet for only 1 plant. :+1:


Hellraiser, I am going to have a 10x14ft 6ft tall shed. What you think I can fit in there?

Not just 1 light just seeing potential of plants I could fit under one light I wanna do it right and cant really afford to not do it right. I would like to have big and healthy plants how fast i can harvest doesn’t matter I want quality. @MrPeat would you possibly be able to share a journal or two with me? :stuck_out_tongue:

Only way you can go smaller plants would be using clones if I learned properly. Clones are mature enough to put in flower when small. Plants from seeds have to mature and smallest I have had to flower took up a 30"x30" spot.

So what are “clones” autoflowers? Basically?

Clones are cuttings off of a mature plant that are rooted.
There actually is one plant ilgm I heard of. called a low flyer or low Ryder. Those may be pretty small. I dont know exact name but I’m sure someone will chime in if you ask.

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Why would you even cut off a mature plant from its roots isn’t that counter productive?

Its cutting little branches and placing them in rooting plugs to get them to root.

Starts new plants off of the one.


The owners manual for your light should give you a basic understanding of the spread your light your plant will usually limit it’s growth depending on how powerful your light is the bigger the spread of your lights the more plants you can put in