How many colas per plant?

I’ve worked in a lot of trades over the years. I’m getting older though. I’m tired of throwing my back at things. I think you took the right route my friend. I’ve been waiting tables for the past few years. My back was pretty tore up when I left CO. I was doing oilfield work. Money was great but I do not


I’m about to flip the script again… Pun totally intended… Voice acting is the next stop on the career chain… I should have done it years ago… I’ve got the kind of voice that turns heads. If I had a dollar for every choir I’ve been invited to join… These days most of that kind of work is done from home


Nice, is that a soundproof studio?

It’s not soundproof… It’s more about sound diffusion… That way the mics not picking up any echoes

I am pretty pleased with my setup though… I started with a $250 mic. I sounded great on it… But me being me… Bought 3 more mics totalling another $2000… And I’m back to using the $250

Haha, it’s like that with a aquarium gear too. Heaters and pumps.


Oh have I been down that road… I’ve got 2 cabinets full right now

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You just reminded me to buy aquarium gravel this morning

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Even though it’s not soundproof, even when my air is on, with the door closed, it never goes over -60 db. If the airs off it stays in the -80 range… I should correct that… Not never… If something really loud is happening outside… I can hear it… Lawnmower etc

@noddykitty1, I’m curious about the pet dosing. My one dog Teddy gets seizures. We had pills from the vet, was always a struggle to get him to take those. We also tried CBD oil from the farm feed store, but it’s sooo expensive. Both seemed about equally effective, it seems to help not happen as often but they never went away completely either.

Anyway, I was wondering if you had more specifics. I had heard that giving any THC was bad for dogs/pets, but I’ve heard a lot of things. Would you use any strain, or a 1:1, or like a CBD only?


I thought you were in CO. What area are you living in?

I’ve heard the same thing. While I have shotgunned a couple dogs in my life I’ve never really fed it to them. I have known dogs that would actively seek bags of weed and would eat every bit of it. Ill be damned if they didn’t look like they enjoyed it. One of those dogs was in this state actually. Virginia is where I currently reside. I actually lived in a trailer with 4 other guys. No one was over 18 and we all sold drugs to support ourselves… The neighbors did not like us. One of the guys had a German Shepard who loved to eat weed. Smart dog. During the summer, we thought the AC had broken. Turned out Dallas(the dog) had gotten under the trailer and dug his way into the ducts. He was sitting inside cool as a cucumber while we all baked inside. You couldn’t pull out a bag or light a joint on that property without Dallas appearing.

Is teddy your lil dachshund? He is a cutie that lil guy either way.

I have used it with my dogs and cats. Usually as they get old and slow down. I have clients that request it. I currently have a client with a seizing cat. It has been working for the last 3 yrs for her. Lots of cancer pain and back and hips pain with dogs. But no seizing dogs. It seems to be about the same dose dog or cat. Basically 1 drop per/ pound body mass cat or dog. At least with the 1lb/gal ratio in the crock I make. I like to half dose this the first week; but dose 2 times a day. So, 10lbs=10drops dose. Split it to 2 doses @5 drops. After the first week you can do the whole dose twice a day and the dog (or person will not feel loopy anymore. Just seem great. Especially sleep.

If I have a person that wants it more mellow, or pet. I find I just add the cbd to a few fluid ounces to be stored separately. Otherwise, for the last 10 seasons just making it the same for humans and animals. Same dose. I find if you say nothing other than you may feel loopy the first week a tad. People and pets get used to it and are fine full dose. Especially if it helps at all.

For the oil I just do a handful from each tub blend till I have a lab or son-in-law the crock. It seems to be better than none strain only. The grand blend.


And then over 30lbs stop and the 1/2tsp regardless of weight. And then add + 1/2 tsp per 50 lbs over that. So a 200lb person or dog would not want to take more than 2tsps on a day. As a good starting point. If the person or pet gets too sleepy or lethargic just cut back by half until they get used to it. First month for most I find.

The nice thing of the blend in the crock pot it makes for universal dose rather than a lot of variance.


Consistency is key for sure… While I plan on giving quite a bit away, it’s in my best interest as well. I have def overdone it with edibles before… I’m not trying to incapacitate myself or anyone else… No surprises. I did buy some extra light olive oil today and some liquid sunflower lecithin.

@noddykitty1 May I ask what you do that puts you and your homegrown cannabis infused olive oil in constant contact with elderly people and their ailing pets??? I am racking my brain for a job that fits that profile and I’m drawing a blank

I install custom aquariums into homes and offices. I meet people from every walk of life. I do installs, moves, maintenance, and hands on trouble shooting appointments. Share a lot of weed.


@noddykitty1 That’s awesome! I’ve thought about trying to get into doing that actually… Past couple years anyway… It would hit a lot of check marks on things I love to do.

I bet you have seen some pretty intense aquarium setups… Do you design them as well?

Somehow(I got a good idea how) I missed the you have your own custom aquarium business earlier in the thread. Oddly enough somebody just liked something I said right next to that comment… I’ll catch up one of these days

I feel like I haven’t posted any pictures of this lady recently. I’ve turned off the bottom lights. That is in an effort to bring temp down. It was staying 83 during day with those lights on… It is currently 78 in there. I think most of the heat came from the blurple… I am just not a fan of that light. Anyway, her buds are rock hard but I’m a little disappointed. I had hoped to be able to coax them just a bit bigger… Growth looks like it’s stagnated… I think she’s still got a couple weeks left so we’ll see…

Oh and pretty much all her leaves are yellow… I feel like it’s a bit early for that, but I really don’t know