How many clones are too many clones?!

So one of my plants has been vegging for two months now and I probably won’t flip to flower until the end of next month so my question is how many clones at one time would be safe to take? I pulled one about two weeks ago and it, thankfully, was successful and is growing like a weed. Any insight would be great!

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You can take a bunch: 2 dozen, depending on plant size. If a dedicated mother, take your cutting short on the branch: in other words, leave some of the branch. You should get a split there for the next time. You can also use pieces of branches laid sideways. Lots of ways to do it.

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Yup. I once took around 20 from a single plant. Just dont go nuts. The one i ‘pruned’ was a bushy beast of a plant. That wasnt even 1/4 of her foliage. Just remember… better to take 5 strong healthy clones, then 10 weaker smaller ones.

Had much better luck with ‘thicker’ stemmed ones with at least 3 sets of leaves. I also remove the lowest node. :+1:t5:

Thanks! I guess I will space out a few a week until the flip.