How many can i plant

I have a 2x2x4 grow tent and would like to know how many plants i can plant in it at one time.

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If your going to top and train, I’d only go with 1 plant.


Hello, and welcome to the forum! I agree that one plant is probably your best bet. Get an idea of how the plants progress from start to finish without the hassle of trying make multiple plants work. If you want to try more it would be better after gaining a little experience.

If you havent already, here’s a good read,
Good luck on your grows!!

This is one plant in the same size tent. Ran out of room with it


I got the same size tent and i can only do 1 photo or 2 autos. With alot of lst and defoliating. The problem I find is you run out of height so you have to keep the plants low by training them.


welcome to the forums @merimc. as it’s your first time i would just do the one plant in there as @dbrn32 and @ggc1962 says. i am just getting ready to take my 4 plants in a 4x4 to flower but i am keeping them small with just a 35 day veg schedule. you can get two plants in your space but i wouldn’t try that until you have a grow done. i probably shouldn’t have tried to do 4 this time as my first but i couldn’t resist lol. lots of great help and knowledge on here so don’t be afraid to ask, folks are very friendly and forthcoming!


Thank you. I have grown before but not with a grow tent. I had an entire room that I set up including the closet for clones. But then I had the HPS lights and had to have an additional ac unit in the room because of the heat. I have everything with this tent but was not sure the number of plants it would accommodate.

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First grow I did i had 8 plants growing and OMG not gonna make that mistake again. This time i am staggering it so that about every month i have a strain. But I will still take any and all advice i can get.

I have the same size tent and am only going with 1 plant.

@Bobbydigital what size pot did you use

5 gallon cloth

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Sweet thanks !