How many blueberry plants can a person grow indoors?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“How many blueberry plants can a person grow indoors in a tent with a 650 watt led lush 2X xl dominator? Tent measures 5’×5’×80”. After hanging light max grow from floor to light surface is 63 inches. Any insight would be grateful Thank you"

Roughly 3 plants however if you were able to add a 300 watt with a 600 watt than likely you can grow 4 comfortably in that space

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@Majiktoker is 100% correct with my set up I’m able to do 4 plants comfortably with one 600watt & one 300watt led any more than that you would have to add another 300w or go with a bigger light

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Thanks man yea your setup is where I seen that or remember seeing that lol

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except I run one 600 W LED and three 300 W LEDs manufactured by meizhi


I have 5 / AK - 47 plants in a tent 39" x 39" x 69" she is full!

I said earlier that I had the same size tent but that was WRONG! It is as stated now! Sorry for the confusion!