How many banana kush auto flowers can i grow at once in a 24x48 grow tent

Hi all! first attempt ever at growing my own. I purchased a small tent because of space considerations. I have a 24x48x80 grow tent. Can I plant more than 2 plants in it? I am planting banana kush auto flowers for starters in 2.5 gal pots. I am sure I know I can’t grow more in it at one time but I want to make sure I am correct and not wasting floor space. I can fit 4 of the pots in there but I know they will hopefully grow and they will need some space.


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Put two plants in 5 gallon pots. I grow 4 in a 48"X48" and it gets crowded.

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Thanks a plenty oldmarine! Just wanted to be a 100% sure before I just let it go at 2.


Welcome to the forum! You will find all the information and knowledge you need here. Plenty of great growers to help along the way.

I agree with @oldmarine. Two plants would be the most I would do in a 2x4. I have a banana kush growing that looks like it will be a nice producer.


I concur with the above. Normally my plants end up about 2x2 wide. So 2 plants should be plenty in that space


Welcome aboard. What lights are you planning to use??

  1. Here’s some examples. 3 2x4s, 2 plants each.


Nice set ups!

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Thanks guys! I did go ahead and skip the 3 gal pots for the 5 gal pots. 2 of them are seeded and centered up in their own little 2x 1/2 of the tent :smile: I will be placing a 2000w bestvaled led over them. It should be here tomorrow. I hope it’s not going to be too much for the tent or plants. Math says about 47-48 watts per sq foot. I guess I’ll see. Didn’t realize when I purchased it that it might be overkill.


Just so you know there isn’t a 2000 watt led on the market. And wattage per sq foot isn’t really a thing. Your looking for efficiency.
What’s the actual model?


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@ low very nice setups indeed. After I purchased the tent ended up making a few furniture changes and I could have easily gone with a 4x4, but it is what it is.


Bro, I get it. A 4x4 sounds great! BUT I don’t like the idea of a 4x4 when actually having to maintain the plants. The less I have to move the better.

To be completely honest if you have the time veg out 1 plant to fill the space. Half the work, same yield.


the model is the 2000w dc bestvaled light. and I know it’s not outputting 2000w of light. According to their website it uses 390 watts from the wall outlet. Here again, reading too much for my own good, I have read that you need to do about 50 watts per square foot. Which, according to that formula, it would be sufficient. But here again, trying to soak up everything like a sponge, you get the bad/irrelevant etc along with it. So I don’t know if it will give my plants light burn or if I am just reading too much into it. I think I am over working/complicating it. But the other concern also was the size of the light. Hope it’s also not physically too large to allow a good flow of air coming up from the bottom. Will find out tomorrow how it fits physically anyway.


Do me a favor and look into dli, par, and compare those numbers to where they say you should hang your light. 390 watts for the space is over kill, but that’s a good thing. As long as you can control the intensity that hits your plants, and get as much airflow as you can! :v:t3: You got this.
Here are some charts for your journey


Low, I am not seeing those numbers any where on their website for the dli and par. I’m sure it’s out there some where but googling it isn’t helping a whole lot. It may be in the paperwork with it but I somehow doubt it.

Thanks for the charts. I’ll keep 'em where I can get my hands on them.

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If you have an android or iPhone you can download a dli app that’ll give you a Rough estimate of where to put your light. I have iPhone so I use an app called “Photone” use the search bar on this site for dialing in your lights.

@Nicky @dbrn32
Maybe y’all can comment on how to handle the light



As the Light Doc says. If u cant find this info freely upfront, its probably disappointing. But the 50 ft ² thing is pretty solid. Should grow some nice nugs. Just @low u know when given the chance the recommendation lol. :wink:


I learned from the best homie and I’m gonna pay it forward. As long as I can verify it, I’ll tell everyone!


Hello there @Newbiedude, and welcome to the forum!

You have some good help here for sure. Dli is great to use to get an idea of radiometric energy in your grow space. If you go with phone app, make sure to look at directions closely. Some require a filter to read properly. Something also overlooked, is that to calculate dli for your space you need the ppfd average for it. Its not necessarily about what is going on just where your light is the strongest, but from wall to wall.

When it comes to amount of plants you should run, im going to stray away from bigger part of the forum, and say you could pretty easily run 2-3 plants in there. I typically keep smaller plants in smaller pots than most. Instead of spending 2-3 months vegging, I veg about 4-5 weeks and get the plants into flower in 1-3 gallon pots. This is quicker grow, and as long as you have plant count to fill canopy, should yeild roughly same amount in less time.


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