How many autos in an 8x4 tent in 5-7 ga pots with 2 ts 3,000 led’s. Looking to maximize yield

Hello community, I am wondering if i could get 10-12 autos in an 8x4 tent in 5-7 ga pots? I am going for a big yield. Hoping for one I should say. I have 2 Mars Hydro ts 3,000 led’s and I ordered an Infinity in-line 8" duct fan, filter and 8x4x6.6 tent. I am thinking of doing six shooter and pineapple glue or express auto seeds from Seedsman. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks to all.


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Awesome. Much appreciated thanks!

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I fit 11 photoperiod plants which grew much bigger than any autos I’ve ever grown in a 5 x 10 tent and I’ve actually been considering doing exactly that. 12 autos. I believe it will work well.

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I hope so! I’ve spent countless hours reading and watching YouTube. I’m ready to get the ball rolling and get back to a normal sleep routine :joy:

I just finished 5 autos in a 4x4 in 5g fabric pots. I got well over 2lbs. I’d say no more than 10 in an 8x4. The problem you encounter is some could flower at 2 weeks some at 8 weeks, you just don’t know. If they all flowered at 2 weeks you could get 15 in there but if they start at 8 weeks or more you’ll get 8 in that space. Since it’s a craps shoot err on the side of caution.

Edit. It also depends on your drainage system. If your using trays you have to use a 14" tray which makes 5 a max without trays sitting on top of each other.

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Wow!!! Awesome yield bro! Ok so 10 total in 5 gal fab pots I’ll probably do 5 of each strain then. What strains did you do and what lights if you don’t mind me asking? Also did you do any Lst? Thanks for the info.

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Gelato, NL, og k, gsc and Zkittles. I use 8 hlg 120s on two 240-2100 drivers. My thread is called random madness begins. You’ll see I started out germinating 12 and had to put 7 outside because of room issues.

In my opinion I would recommend photoperiod for higher yields. Autos flower when they want, and that could be at 6” or 24” tall. You never know.


Awesome. Thanks a lot for the info guys I really appreciate it.