How Many Autos in 4X4 tent

First grow was a learning experience. Wrong potting mix and too weak of light stunted growth. These problems have been corrected and going to use Kind Soil and bought a Black Dog Photo-Max -2 400. I was wondering if I should use 4,5 or 6 plants in five gallon pots for autos in my 4X4 tent, any thoughts? Thank you in advance.

I say 4


Depends on the strain as well some get much larger than others.
My last grow of Autos the Bubble gum and OG Cush we’re both very small and I could have had 6-8 of them in a 4x4 but the Jack Herer was pretty large and that strain would have only had room for 4 of them.
I used and do use 3 gallon pots for Autos but 5 gallon will work too.


6 five gallon pots can fit 4x4 easy. the choice of plant profile is important.
if you get a wide busy strain and plan to do LST…less room.
if you grow something like the established White Widow reg…6 would be very doable.
good growing media and good lights are essential to a good harvest.

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@Tinman @Skydiver @tanlover442 Thanks for the input. I plan on doing 2 Sour Diesel and 2 Gorilla Glue autos. I would throw a White Widow in the center if there is room. I am going to SCROG it. I just did 3 White Widows with the poor soil and lighting and didn’t LST well and all 3 totally different, one got to 46 inches in height with tiny buds lol.


I have a 4x4 and did LST and I would not recommend more than 4 plants also the further you get from middle of the tent the less light the plant will receive


The problem I see is with two many is you don’t have room to work them. The more room. More light to work on your plants. To me less is more. But it also has to do with training. I have two big one. And four small ones. Not to small. I could do 5 maybe six. Like I said I need room to work them.