How many Afghan plants I can grow at 1m3?


A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“Hello wonder how many Afghan plants I can grow at 1m3”


I’m not sure what 1m3" is? Can you get a clarification from the grower?


I believe they mean in one cubic meter.


Yea I was thinking the same so about 400g?


I think him was meaning 1m2(3.33(3) x 3.33(3)feet)
1 foot=30cm
1 meter =100cm


And I think you can squeeze 4 plants in there but will be very crowded so I suggest to put 3 for start (or 2 big plants)


comfortably I would grow 2-3 max since you still need space to monitor and move around plants and honestly you can fill that with 1 plant easily enough

The plant above is 3’ around and given another week before I flipped could’ve been 4’ around
So really the question is how do you plan to grow your plants
the plant above was about 3’x 5’