How Many 1-Quart WM Jars per Pound


Hey folks.

Can anyone give me an idea how many 1-quart mason jars I’d need to cure, say a pound? Trying to get a feel for how many I may need.



This years harvest I used 45 QT WM Mason Jars for 39 oz.

Backyard ILGM Super Skunk & Super Silver Haze:


Awesome, thank you! I’m going to need a bunch I think then!


WOW! I guess it’s a good problem to have. Nice collection of jars! :+1:


I would say you need to buy 2 dozen. If you keep an eye out you can get them for $8 - $10 a dozen.


I saw $10 for 12 at Walmart. Not bad.


12-18 depending on the density of the bud , just don’t pack them in tite .


Can’t wait to have a stack of jars partially filled with bud! :slight_smile:


I asked this question here Last Summer, you can’t really estimate it that way ?

Some nuggets are very heavy, some very fluffy …you can have up to 100% difference in weight/volume between strains


True. Get’s me closer than nothing I guess, I’m must going to buy more than enough, they won’t go to waste. For less than $1 each not a big expense, luckily :slight_smile:


I’m going to do the vacuum cure method. Vacuum the jars after each burp.


I couldn’t find the thread but I think we decided on more or less an ounce, but you know, fluffy vs. dense, big difference but I guess an ounce is the ballpark hope this helped


Definitely did. I was going to estimate an oz per jar plus a handful more to be safe. Thanks, man!