How’m I Doing Now?

Never done this before. Sour Diesel planted 3/15, moved outdoors 6/1. Bud rot a worry where we are.


Nice plans you got there. They look to be in pots if possible I would spread them out just a little bit create a little more airflow. Try to stay ahead of the bud rot and mildew. Good luck finishing up


If you are concerned about bud rot, I would remove the screen around plant and let it “flop” out. Stretch it’s arms


Jinks, gotta coke

Having to pull a double tonight I would normally be in the bed.

The wire fence is against deer, but I will remove it, and separate the nylon pots. I could put up a big umbrella, or even move them under cover for rain events. Another grower recommended Serenade. I keep bees, and I am leery of treatments.

I have 50-75 flowers per plant. Is that good? I see a very a few amber streaks in each of the flowers.

You don’t have to remove the screen IMO just open it up bigger so the branches can open up or tie them open a little bit . Better air flow through the buds . I have used 60% milk , 40% water sprayed on the plant to prevent mold or rot . 50 - 75 per plant is great . You have a ways to go before you see amber trichomes . When most of those little white hairs turn brown , thats when I check for amber trichs with a strong magnifier .


Defoliate some iner vegetation for better air flow

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Thank you all. I have trimmed the inners, removed the fencing and spaced the plants much further apart. Its always windy here.

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