How low of temps are acceptable for autos?


My tent is in my garage. I live in a warm climate but I’m expecting temps to get down in the 60’sF in there even during the day (when I will have lights off). Will they be okay?


Your temp shouldn’t swing much more than 10 degrees so if it’s 78 with lights on 68 with them off this will keep your plants healthiest. This is not to say that they will die at a bigger swing but with auto varieties they may start flowering far sooner due to temp stress. Anything below 65 is not good I live in Northern Canada the daytime high today was in below 0 celcius I set my lights to run during coolest part of the day so during the night and morning.
Here are some tricks I use to regulate temp I store water in dark buckets in my tent the lights warm the water and when they are off the heat from the water helps keep the room stable. I also run perpetual cycle tent in a room flower in the tent and veg in room lights are never off at same time.
This means either the lights in my tent or the lights in my room generate heat. But the heat sink method may be more useful to you warm water black buckets or any black objects which slowly release heat back into tent during dark cheaper than running space heater.

hope this helps


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I put a pretty thick carpet under my tent.


Concrete actually makes temp regulating easier for me basement is my area of choice yes concrete does start off quite cold but once it gets warm it holds it and slowly releases it back. this takes days mind you but even with all lights off in my 10x10 and outside temps of 16.f my room would take over a day to drop below 68. I do keep my plants off the floor mind you and use adjacent room as kind of a heat sink venting some of my scrubbed warm air into it to recirculate with the cooler fresh air. But yes a large under insulated garage with concrete floor would be hard to regulate.


My garage is a single so it’s small and it faces south so it warms about 11 am or so when the Sun gets on the roof.
I’m thinking lights out about 11 or noon then back on later towards evening.
It might only be too cold on cloudy days.


sounds about right to me


You can have your night temps as low as 60f; Maybe even a little lower. Ruderalis phenotype is from colder climates like Alaska. I cannot advise you to experiment, but that is how I learned.

How cold a temperature are you asking about?


My highs are in the mid 70s and I have lights off during the day to maximize warmth. Lows get down in the mid to high 60s.
Thank you.


Well that is pretty good. In early stages you want ti a bit warmer, but over all; I would be happy with those temps.