How low is too low, temperature-wise/security issue

I have a problem. My house is being inspected for an appraisal and I don’t want to take chances with the appraiser looking around. I have to temporarily move my plants out of their current environment. I have to do it when it is dark outside because I’m afraid of prying eyes in the hood. The plants are quite large and they are blooming. The plants might be exposed to cold temperatures for approximately 7 hours, and if I can’t move them until it is dark again outside, they might have to be in the cold for 22 or so hours. The the weather prediction is 41F at night 51F during the day. Also, they will miss a 12 hr period of light. Either I move them in the dark early morning and they get cold, or I move them earlier in the evening when I am more visible however I can keep them warm. I don’t like taking chances. Will the cold temps for a limited time destroy my plants???

If i’m posting this in the wrong place, I’m sorry.

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You may bok with temps as long as it doesn’t freeze. As far as interrupting light cycle, it could cause stress and hermie. Maybe you could cover them with dark sheets or heavy duty plastic bags. Make sure to out some holes in it so its not too humid


Ok. Sounds doable. I can bag them. It’s almost a full moon out so I have to wait for the darn thing to go down Before I can move. Like 3am. Thanks again.

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if you have sheets, they may be better than the plastic bags, since they will be able to breathe better


You should be perfectly fine as long as it doesn’t get any colder than that and it’s only a short period of time I’ve had weeks were we’ve had like freezes and they made it through it just fine Not recommended but if you have to do it you can

No worries, unless there is low 20’s F, a hew hours in low 40’sF is not going to bother them a bit…
I harvested my last one with snow covered buds…delicious :wink:


this is directed to Ragnar and hogmaster. I’m not sure how to that properly.

Thanks for the advice regarding temperatures. I am feeling much better now. These are my babies!! (the plants, I mean)

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No worries, we all love our girls, you will be surprised how hardy they can be, I had many nights in low 30’sF , was afraid at first , but they groew fine, slower , but fine :grin:
Happy growing !


I concur with the rest as ling as it not an extented freeze period you’ll be ok :ok_hand:

Keep them from any potential frost and they should be okay.

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Mine are outdoors in a greenhouse temps been in 40’s for couple a weeks now with fans blowin on em and they are just fine