How long will this weed last?

How long will this weed last stored like this?
Is there a better way to store weed for the best longevity ?image


Looks like the perfect environment to me as you ideally want a dark and cooler climate somewhere between 60-70 degrees and no direct light. Nice haul my friend!


Assuming no residual white powdery mildew in the jar, it will be usable for about a year. It will break down the plant material, changing the character, and THC will degrade into CBN. For long term storage a freezer that does NOT defrost is ideal for long term. You can keep it in there for 3 or 4 years and it will come out about the way it went in. If you don’t have that a decent refrigerator will do. Storage life goes down as temps go up.

This is directly out of the mouth of a food scientist that works for a medical cannabis company.


I think that looks good as it is now and agree the freezer is a good way to store long term. I think the herb is at its best 6 months after you have it in the jars and after that it goes down hill but will last as long as needed. You can always cook with it if it goes past the desired window of freshness.

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I’m still smoking on a stash from last year. But I don’t smoke more than 1 gram a day.

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If I put that in the freezer should I put the humidity packs in with it? Thanks for your replies.

No…don’t put a humidity pack in a freezer. Not good. Secondly I wouldn’t freeze my bud either. Just keep a humidity pack in the mason jar and place in a dark, cool spot in your home.

So would a deep freezer be good?

@Cannabian Honestly I wouldn’t do that either. Freezing something as fragile as trichromes are, I’m questing they would burst and lose your potency. I maybe wrong but it sounds about right.

I know in the Cigar Community, once you see you have Tobacco beetles they will freeze cigars and I can say they taste pretty off afterwards.

I’m guessing it will be the same thing with freezing weed. This is what a Tobacco Beetle will do. The bumps you see on the wrapper is where the oils have crystallize.

Ewe! That’s not good!

Turns out it has nothing to do with tobacco. Unless you’ve done it I would suggest trying it before simply panning it. As stated; this is directly from a Doctor of Food Science with 30 years in and is currently working for a medical cannabis company. He has stayed current on the state of the art and a deep freeze, so long as it’s not disturbed (the whole reason for freezing it) and the temperature doesn’t fluctuate, will store for years. Will it degrade? Ask me in a year. I’m smoking 1 year old flower now that’s sweet and potent.

As someone who worked in the tobacco industry for many years; ALL imported cigars are frozen. This is the most benign way to eliminate tobacco beetle.

If you had the means to inject an inert gas into your storage container (like dry nitrogen) you could probably store for a long time at room temp.

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Tobacco Beetles only go from eggs to beetles when the temps hit 70+ degrees and RH% 70+. And this doesn’t always happen. I’ve never had one form in my 1200 stick humidor.

Now I’ve bought cigars in bundles that have had them like the picture I shown above. As it’s a cheap cigar, I just toss them. The place in the town over doesn’t really know how to take care of them but you either order them or drive a min of 130 miles to hit a B&M shop.


That very interesting! Do you store you bud in a humidor? If so how long will it stay fresh and not break down?

You won’t be disappointed with your flower after a year. I’ve been freezing mine for last 15 yrs. and had it up to 2 yrs old and still smoke just like it did when it was put in there. :v:


what are you freezing it in plain freezer bags?

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Not sure what I am going to use, if I even do it.
Just looking for ways to make it last and be as good as possible in the future. Thanks to everyone for the input.

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I use a large heavy duty version but yes to the bags @freewind. Some crystal falls to the bottom of the bag but minimal.
The more handling there is then the more crystal there is.
I consider it a treat tho. :wink::+1::v:
It would prob be better in glass jars but I don’t have enough freezer space for that many bottles. :grin:

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