How long will seeds stay viable?

After just having finished my first outdoor grow downunder (very successful I might add), I am looking to buy some seeds for next year.
Will probably buy from IGLM.
My question is how long do the seeds remain viable in the packaging they are sent in, and what is the best conditions to store them in till our spring. (Sept to Oct.)

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Keep in a cool dark place refrigerator works great. I have personally use Seeds 3 years old.


Agree with @kellydans they keep great in the refrigerator I keep them in their original package and put them in a small jar and stick in a crisper drawer

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Thanks guys. Looking forward to next year.

I’ve asked this question before and nothing but crickets. As far as the germination warentee goes the seed house I USED to buy from (AMS) their warranty was only good for 90 days from receipt. Dont know about here as no answer was returned to the question.

I saw a reply somewhere in this forum where someone had good seeds from Vietnam era.

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I cannot imagine keeping seeds that long. Moving relocating .