How long will mixed nutrients last?

I grow in coco and use Advanced Nutrients coco grow system (grow & bloom). I water daily and mixing this stuff every day is getting to be a pain in the ass. Can I mix a week’s worth of nutrients at one time? I use RO water and I can keep the solution dark and cool if that’s what it needs for longevity. Will it stay good for a week?

Yes, but ph every use. I would recommend single use only.


Yes as @Covertgrower says but make sure to stir really well before using as well or have a bubbler agitate it so stuff doesnt fall out of solution. It why the reservoir or bucket needs cleaning every once in a while. Youbwill notice precipitate starting to stick to the bottom after a while.


Thanks guys. I’ll do as you recommend. Stir well before each use and clean the container regularly.

You don’t need to check the pH though since you are using the A-N pH Perfect products.
If you aren’t doing massive quantities, I would recommend storing them in one gallon jugs. These are much easier to just pick up and shake than dealing with a 5 gallon or larger container.
One note: If you are using Big Bud and Voodoo Juice at the same time (like at the beginning of flowering) it will develop a stink like a bottle of chewing tobacco spit after just a couple days of storage. It’s fine - it’s the bacteria feeding on the sugars and essentially fermenting. It’s pretty nasty, though - just letting you know so you aren’t alarmed.


Thanks for this, I have been wondering this same thing for quite ahwile now.