How long will it take for my plants to be ready to harvest


A question from a fellow grower:

Can I have your expert opinion?. I have purchased 3 seeds from you as a trial grow with intention of making RSO for my sister (yes, she is sick), All 3 seeds become very impressive plants indeed (bit to big hence difficult to hide). They are growing outside in the ground and because it is getting colder every day I wonder how long will it take for my plants to be ready to harvest?. Picture was taken yesterday. There are thousands white / cloudy droplets on the bud but in this cold climate will they ever go amber?
I know that frost will come sooner rather than later. Will it damage my plants?. What strain would you recommend for my next grow?. This will be purely for medicinal use. Leafs for juicing and buds for oil, unless you can suggest another uses apart from the obvious ones.


beautiful bud. harvest time of course is subjective but you really do need at least some amber…cannot really see any based on the picture.
cold weather however can be deadly…these plants do not hold up to freezing temps… is there a way you can protect the plant? Cover it when it is going to get too cold…maybe put a small heater under the cover when it is going to frost??
You are very close. It would be a shame to see such an excellent grow go to waste.


Nice looking buds. They are very close. This is the point where you get the hyper high from it. For medicinal you want probably at least 50% Amber. If it frosts you can harvest and will be happy but if you can wait it will be better for her.

Covering with a drop cloth or plastic at night will help. Make sure to uncover it in the morning to keep too much moisture from the buds. If it’s getting under 65 at night mold is a worry because the vegetation never dries out. You can use lizard stones to add heat relatively cheaply. Turn them on an hour befor sundown and off in the day.