How long will flowering take?

will get better pictures tomorrow morning.

But how long would yall say I have left? In va. Scared of frost killing them.

Definitely weeks. Probably 7 or 8. How long have they been in flower?

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Seeing where you’re at I would have to guess you’re about 3 weeks into flower? I’m going into my fourth week and I would say I still have about 6 weeks left. On average it’s about 10 weeks in total for flowering which is dependent on the strain but that is usually the total weeks for most. Now living in Virginia I am on the east coast as well and I could see why you’re worried about frost killing it as you should. I woke up the other morning it was 56 degrees which is enough to stress even the heartiest of plants. Unfortunately there is no real way of working around this other than bringing the plant inside. Even my tent being inside has seen a ten degree drop in temp just by being in the basement and during flowering anything under 65 degrees and you’re pushing it. What will happen with your plant is right now what you’re seeing is budlets but the plant flowers will get fatter longer over the next week or two. At the end of those weeks you will see the white hairs slow down on growing and that is where you will see more definition of the buds start to form. Feel free to use my pictures as a guide. This is four weeks almost into flowering indoors

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The 4th week

Thanks. Will definitely try to get them inside soon. Need to hurry finishing my grow tent. Working on getting some good lights. Just hope it doesn’t stress them out moving them inside.

It won’t I would just follow through with it sooner rather than later. Depending on what type of light you go with depends on what you’ll need for a set up. If you use an LED set up most have a switch for flowering and veg which is convenient and more cost effective but since you’ve been growing outside you want something that is going to mirror that same light intensity it’s been getting from the sun and that would be with an HPS. I am running a 600w set up and although room has become an issue because of the size of the light the yield that I am looking at obtaining will be worth it.

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