How long veg before breeding?

I’ve got some bag seed that I thought I’d breed for outdoor seeds (I lost $20 worth of ILGM seeds to the elements, too expensive!). I’m trying to think of the fastest way to harvest seeds.

I have a new, self-contained grow box, and I’m thinking about planting 2 seeds at a time in one pot until I get a male and a female. If I get 2 males, I’ll start over, 2 females, I’ll bud em out, one of each, I get seeds!

Can I just veg them for a week and then go straight to flower, since all I’m looking for is seeds? I don’t want to waste time growing buds, since I’m just looking for seed. In fact, I want to get it done as fast as possible so I can free the grow box up for a clone mother. Maybe I should plant 3 seeds in the 3-gallon pot?

Here’s the grow box, it’s got 96W CFL. I can bump it up another 40W if I need to, any thoughts on that?

Never mind, don’t know how to delete post! I’ll just grow them a couple at a time in the main tent, and if I get a male, isolate it and collect the pollen for later use, then just “paint” it on the buds I want to pollinate later.