How long until mature?

20 days into flower.There is trichromes and some have bulbous heads.Do the white thick pistals need to turn red or brown? pistals.
I’m going to try once more below.
20 days into flower

The pistils/hairs are only a general loose guide, you really need magnification to see inside the crystals/trichomes. Sometimes the hairs can all be orange/red/brown but the trichomes are still clear, as the pistils/hairs can sometimes dry up and turn brown early, unfortunately the hairs can be a inaccurate way to judge maturity. Most people need a magnifier of at least 40x to be able to see the trichomes clearly, all milky white with maybe some amber is when most people will harvest.

I understand.Hairs could all turn or dry up before trichromes are ready.
What about the opposite.Can the trichromes turn cloudy while the hairs are still all white?
Does stretch stop or any indicator of trichromes fully ripen or turn cloudy or amber?

Sorry, there is no better or alternative way. Get the magnifiers, they aren’t that expensive or hard to find, like $5 or less online and I’m sure you could find a 40X magnifier for pretty close to as cheap somewhere locally. The way people used do do it was by the hairs alone along with other not so accurate guesses based on tradition. Every other way might lie to you. The trichomes never lie, you need to be able to see into the trichomes, no getting around it to be sure. Stretch stops long, long, before the trichomes are ready in most cases.

I have one a 30-60 times for coins I got from ebay.
I also have an 8.1 Mega pixel camera with macro digital zoom lens.
Maybe it’s still too early for a good view and buds will get much bigger.

if you take a macro picture; You will be able to see the trichromes. I use a 60-100 jewelers eye glass. with an LED…Woooohhh