How long until harvest? First time grow

First sign of flowering was August 4th but they have been changing color and looking really good

Darker leaves is GMO the other is Don Mega

Growing in Mass and wondering how much longer theyll need

In no rush just want to learn more!


I would say 3 to 4 weeks still. Those buds will get much bigger.
The pistils are all still white and fresh and when you get close they will be 80% brown or more.
Plus it would be good if you have a 60x loupe to look at the trichomes. Cheap ones on Amazon.

More like this…


Okay thanks!

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Agreeded about three or four weeks🥴

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they are looking so good. love the fade! as everyone said, you have a few weeks, so pick up a jeweler’s loupe in the interim as that’s how you’re going to make the final determination. 30-40x should run you about 15 bucks.

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heres a update from today, got the jewlers loop and almost half of the trichs are amber other is cloudy, going to give another week and see how they’re doing

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Oh my!!! What a beauty!