How long until buds?

44 days into growing and still no buds, short rider Auto flower


Plant looks healthy, I’d just keep on doing what you’re doing and they’ll start to do their thing when they’re ready.

They do look mostly healthy and the above advice is pretty much correct.

I am a bit worried about the yellow tips and what looks like some not normal twisting in the leaves. This could be indicative of a pH or nutrient issue, maybe a little nitrogen burn?

You can(if you haven’t already)cut back on the nitrogen,and step up the phosphorous and pot ash nutes to help jump start flowering.

The twisting if the leaves is from the space bucket that it is being grown in, she is getting a little big for it and some leaves are touching the sides bending a little.

No, I’m taking a real good look at the tops. The twisting(in the leaves themselves, not at the outer edges from pushing against something), and the yellow tips are not from the shape of the container. These are indicative of the type of the pH and/or nutrient issues I previously stated. Poor health and nutrient problems and can delay or cause problems flowering.

What is the pH and nutrient concentration(EC or PPM) in your root zone?