How long to Veg

How long do you guys veg photo plants??

To vague of my question in my opinion. A big scrog with a single plant is going to be like a couple of months, maybe longer in a soil grow. And there’s members growing from clone with absolutely no veg time at all.

If you’re growing from seed, plants need roughly 4 weeks from sprout before they’ll flower. Otherwise can be as long as you need to get desired plant size. With some consideration to space, pot size, and whatever other goals you have.

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My goal is to have a pound out of 4 plants. Growing from seed.

I have a 11x11 grow room and the final pot size will be 7 gal.

Soil or soilless?

I’d say for roughly 1/4 lb per plant really depends on lighting ect but to get big enough plants, if you run into no issues during veg than no shorter than 6 weeks should get you there but tons can play into your final yield. Temp, light, nutrition, so really its a super hard question to answer

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Your answer was adequate for me. Really on a first grow, my expectations are zero so anyhow g above that is a plus.

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Soil - 4-6 weeks minimum
4-6 Plants needs 6-7 weeks

You’re mileage may vary…
I considered my first couple grows to be “experimental” and didn’t expect a lot. Good thing, too lol! It’s doable, but focus on honing skills for now, and weight will come.


I feel like I’m doing a lot right but my techniques are rough. Luckily MJ is forgiving

I like 2 month veg time and sometimes a little more for a plant to catch up with the others. Off of 6 plants in a 4x4x6 grow tent i got a little over 4 lbs and after curing was almost 2 lbs . I don’t know what I’m going to get this harvest with just white widow and critical mass.


Holy moly. That’s a ton. If I get a pound I’ll be elated.

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I was thinking mid September I’ll flip them. Sprouted July 15th

I really don’t like to start flower till my stalk is a 1/2 inch in diameter because then i don’t have to tie the shit out of everything to keep it from falling over i will put up new pictures tonight i spike the stalk a week ago and everything is really heavy and covered in stripper glitter

3 months veg. one plant


Beautifully grown!!

thx that’s my first grow.
if u want bigger plant, you need 6 monts of veg.
I don’t have enough space so i veg for 3 months with 1 plant and 2 little clones :slight_smile:
But you don’t need 3 months. 2 months for 2-4 plants are fine and u get the same results.


@RubiBANANA666 - congratulations! Impressive plant. Would love to see photos with just a soft white light. Very nice

She’s vey beautiful

more pics of my plants