How long to sprout

If I move them from one side of the yard to the other I can get like 9 hours. If I don’t then like 5

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I thought I might have packed soil too tight so I started tinkering around and this popped up. Am I doomed? The root looks strong but the leaves are yellow and white… Is this all bad?

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No it’s just the sprout breaking ground. Give her time and she will straighten out. Probably by the end of the day.

@SourD… The picture of soil seems like it’s wet enough… Let her grow…, make sure she’s under a light … I would Do 24 hrs with light until she stretches out … Way to go !

OK so all the sun light she can get then. I’m 100%outdoor :grinning:

@SourD… Oh ok, just realized that! Just leave them to grow then… Seems like they are wet enough… Outside rain and dew add more moisture… Unless you can bring them inside and under a couple of cfl twisty bulbs over night only until sunrise?

Thank you. It has been dry and hot in this part of nor cal. Should I be spraying top soil as it dries? It seems to dry out quick

@SourD… I you feel they need it… I grow inside in a tent an I would give 6-8 good spritzes once in morning and when I get home from work… Just keep top inch or two moist…your outside so they may dry quicker like you said… Just don’t want it to wet by stalk of sprout… Less is better!.. How long did it take to sprout? Mine have been taking like 4- 5 days… There are a lot of people here who will help you, I’m a new grower… Reach out if you need to

It is day 5

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I’m no guru but it looks like a healthy sprout to me. The larger seedlings will get quite a bit bigger in their current pot so I think you’re good there. I battle with the heat too but my plants adjusted to it better as they got older. The autoflower strains are pretty resilient so try not to stress to hard. Best of luck to ya.

:scream: 4 hours later look

I guess it’s up to the :sunny:


Told ya :wink: Happy growing!!! If you need anything just holler.

One other thing you want to make sure there are a bunch of holes in the bottom of your pots or solo cups drainage is key

How’s the sprouts @SourD
Hopefully coming along

Ah man, thanks I will tag you too my grow normal

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