How long to sprout

I’m 1st time grower with ww auto from ilgm. I germinated 2 seeds 1st day then 3 seeds 2nd day. 1st 2 Seeds went straight from soaking in water right to the soil in small pot outside. The next 3 germinated seeds went straight outside in soil in 7 gallon pots. Today is day 4 for the first 2 and still no sprouts. Same as the other 3 on day 3.

It has been 60 degrees at night and up to mid 90 degrees during the day. I don’t have a grow light or anywhere to get the seedlings started inside so I’m leaving it up to the sun.

What is a normal timeline for seeds to sprout outside? I am already worried something went wrong so I germinated the other 5 seeds this morning in case I messed up already.
The top soil has been getting dry in the heat so I’ve been spraying the top with water to keep moist. Could I be over spraying the top soil?

Any advice from the gurus on this forum will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance

Personally, I wouldn’t leave my seeds where it can get up to 90. You don’t really need a light until they stick up out of the ground, a windowsill will work. I try to keep my seeds at about 70 to 75 for sprouting.

I use seed starter soil and keep it moist by spraying. If you used storebought soil instead of seed starter soil your plants will choke on the nutes. I start mine in little pots full of Espoma and transplant when I get four nodes of leaves.

Hope this helps.

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OK thank you I’m new at this. Maybe I overheated them. About a month ago I actually threw some bag seed in pots with dollar store soil and 6 sprouted, one died. Of course it wasn’t 90 degrees then. Do these look ready to be moved to bigger pots


I forgot one thing. If you get the seeds wet and a small “foot” sticks out, if they dry they most likely will die.

Thank you. I probably roasted them. Better luck with the next 5 :grin:

That’s about the size ours are when we put them in 3 gallon pots with hot soil.

Hot soil meaning dry soil?

Hot soil meaning soil with Nutrients in it. Sorry, I should have been more clear.

More advice from the gurus please :grinning:

@SourD, for why it’s worth, I do the same thing… 24 he’s in distilled water… When they sink I put them in a solo cup. It takes me 4-5 days or so and I have sprouts… I have done paper towel method, got taproot and into those jiffy peat pots but I had way to much water in them and they didn’t sprout… So now it’s water germination then into soil… Hope that helps, also I spray water and keep them moist but never too wet

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What is in the cups, soil? Thanks, there is still hope they sprout in a day or two. Do you put your cups outside? Thank you

@SourD, I use a seed starter mix, it’s mostly peat moss but it has virtually no nutes it’s NPK is 0.03 for all three. They are inside and when I put seed in soil I put them under cfl bulbs I have… I have a 4 way bulb socket and have 3 actual 45 watt bulbs hanging over them in my tent… I then transferred them to 5 gallon fabric pots w/ FFOF soil… The heat outside up to 90 is probably not helping but it’s seems like forever but they did sprout for me… Paper towel method is great but If I do that again I will NOT use those friggin jiffy pods… This was my first ever grow and I definitely over watered those jiffy pots but it’s very easy to do that… Give them some time, they should come up… Keep them a little cooler and don’t over water them, you’ll be golden

Thanks bruda I’ll be patient

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I see one trying to sprout, barely sticking out the soil. Should it be in the sun or the shade right now?
Should I be spraying with water or leave it alone now?
Thanks gurus

There’s a tiny sprout right in the middle there.


YeeHaaaw! Congratulations!

How compact is the soil where the seeds are sprouting from? You just want the hole covered lightly with soil so they can break the ground

Maybe too tight should I try and loosen it? Or just leave it alone?

Should they be in sunlight or shade?

I say just leave it be if it went that far I’m sure it can work it’s way out. Just my opinion though.
As for sunlight or sun shade how long does it get in the sun?