How long to leave lights on

after sprouting how long do you leave the light on

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18on 6off for photos then switch to 12/12 when you go to flip to flower if they are autos you can keep them at the 18/6 cycle

I like 24 and 0 till about a week after they break ground…when the spit out first true 3 leaves I switch to 18 6 but 18 and 6 from ground break is fine as well


I run 6/2 schedule from the time they’re dropped into soil all the way through veg.


I see good things with the 6 2


@Bobbydigital @fano_man
I swear by that schedule…
For photos anyway’s…
I’ve never grown an auto , so no help there… :man_shrugging::man_facepalming:


Autos do well under it also. Never flowered an auto under it as I run them with photos.


I run my autos 6/2 all the way through.


I’m using 24 and 0 till flower, then I’m gonna switch to 20 and 4. These are my first autos so im experimenting. good luck with yours.

Around the clock, huh? That’s neat

Up until flower then they go 12/12. Welcome to ILGM!

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Thanks! So when I see a flower switch? I do every other plant. This is new. Thanks for the warm welcome. :slight_smile:

I run photos mostly so I switch to 12/12 when I’m ready. The autos stay on 6/2 until I’m ready to flower the photos.

Welcome to the forum!
I run 18-6 all the way through with autos. A few hours of dark gives your babies a little rest. Nice thing about autos, a little light pollution won’t hurt 'em. Again, welcome

These are photo. Tiny babies I did on a whim but I’ve been ready to commit for a long time. I’ll try the 6/2 bc I have nothing to lose and they germinate so quickly.

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I went 24 and 0 till flower started, at the end of week 4 I switched to 20 and 4. I yielded 2 pounds 12 ounces off 5 white Widow Autos and 4 Bruce Banner grown in super soil 5 gallon buckets 600 watt HPS and 300 Watt Cree Cobb

Timer - 24 hour time on is fine in veg , I like 18 better

Try the candle stick method for vegging with photos…
Definitely won’t be disappointed… :+1::wink::smirk:

@peachfuzz whats candlestick method?

6/2? Is that three 8 hour cycles?

12 on
5 off
2 on
5 off
Candle stick method…
I typically run mine at night for better power prices and it’s easier to deal with heat…
So lights on from 6 pm to 6 am…
Off from 6 am to 12 pm…
Lights on from 12 pm to 1 pm…
Lights off from 1 pm to 6 pm…
This method is only for vegging your plant’s, not flowering…
14 hours of power consumption…
You could do it with 13 hours , but I find that some strains want to go into flower with only 13 hours of light…
Also , this method is only suggested with photos , not auto’s …