How long to keep in Vegetative phase

Been about a month since starting them in from germinated seed…. “Chocolope “ on right and “Lemon Haze” on the left…. Both about 18” high in My 2’x4’ grow tent…. How long should I keep them in this phase( 18 hrs light 6 hrs off) to changing my bulb and going to 12/12 for flower?? I was thinking AT LEAST another month??? First time grower, just don’t want to screw this up!!

Another pic


If they are Autos they go into flower on their own, when they are ready. If they are Photos you decide when to flower by light cycle. Just keep in mind being in a tent during flower stretch period they can double in height leave room at the top.


Are they auto flowering plants or photos if they photos u can veg them u for awhile some people go up to six weeks or more it depends on if tou want to do alot more training like topping or main lining or super cropping but if there autos they will flower when there ready and with autos theres no need to change light cycles

The rule of thumb is that they’ll double in height going into flower, also don’t forget about exponential growth , given that amount of space it’ll be closer to 1.5-2 weeks before you should flip them


plants look great ! It is all about managing your space. You can flip any time after plant shows maturity. As @GreenSnek mentioned Take in consideration most plants Double in size after flip. Good luck

They’re NOT autos…… just feminized sativas…. I’ll wait a couple more weeks to a month and flip and see what happens

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Gonna be really tall if you wait a month. You can slow them down alittle bit with lowering the lights alittle or adjusting the light intensity higher. If it were me, they would be flipped asap for tent room.