How long to hang plants

Typically will only flower once, and some other members have attempted to flower their plant again. The amount of time this takes is a lot, and you could potentially start another from seed and harvest again, in the same amount of time it would take for that plant to grow back, if it does at all.

If you’re up for an experiment, have the time, and space, you could at least attempt it. It doesn’t have any value for myself, I clone everything, and throw a clone into flowering, within a few weeks after getting roots.

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I had a couple of plants flower in June. My fault. I picked all the flowers when they started to die, and in September new ones grew. I have never grown indoors but I would give it a try. Maybe she’ll come back bigger and better!

Thanks, I appreciate your help! I would like to understand more about cloning, I have read some about it but don’t quite trust myself, lol. I just thought it a-shame to kill this beauty. I am really amazed at this beautiful plant called marijuana! I love growing it, this has been my first time! My grow was outside and was very rewarding! Thank friend!