How long to hang plants

I have a Goo outdoor grow plant I have hanging in a cool dark ventilated place. How long should I let it hang before putting in canning jars?

You want the stem to bend, but not snap. Be cautious with thick flowers as they can retain moisture deep inside. When in doubt let it dry longer. Mold is the worst.

Times can vary based on conditions. Usually I go at least 5-7 days, sometimes longer. Humidity around 50-60%.


Well shoot, I thought you were suppose to wait until the branch snapped. It’s been a solid 7 days mine have been hanging now. When I go to bend it, it’ll indent itself and bend but not snap. Would you say they’re about ready?

That sounds fairly accurate. Again it’s difficult to explain “dryness” with out a physical description in your hand.
Always check the thickest ones, those are the ones that will sneak up on you and they’re not dry @Dr.Zooted

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Can you let them hang too long and ruin the potency of the bud?

Our humidity is low. Up in the Sierras around 5000 ft elev. Also, will I need the dehumidifier packets when storing in jars?

Check them but lightly squeezing the buds right?

Sorry man, I’m still learning this process as well or I would try and answer some of your questions. But I don’t want to lead you astray. I’ve seen integra and boveda humidity packs used most commonly for storing of the buds in jars. I’ve also read some people say that they use the packs solely for storing the buds and not during the curing process. It’s all up to you though.

Easiest way is to take a bud and put it in a jar with a mini hygrometer. If it’s close to 70% humidity, it’s still wet. If it’s close to 60% it’s dry. Give it some time in the jar to let the humidity settle


You will want some humidity monitors, like this:

Don’t add Boveda or Boost packets until you are close to your target moisture level.

Thank you sir, will do that. :+1:t4:

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Thanks. Looks like the right tool for the job. Appreciate the help!

I take some bud and fill a ziplock bag with a hydrometer in it and let is sit 3 or 4 hours and see what the humidity is

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I personally prefer Smoking moist Buds, How do you store it moist without molding, A friend grower told me he put some dry rice in his jars, not sure about that, he’s going the cheap route